Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Chunk Africa?

According to definitions from oxford languages, (in psychology or linguistic analysis) group together (connected items or words) so that they can be stored or processed as single concepts.

Putting in the context of business management, chunk groups together each part of your business operations from sales processing (payments and book keeping), managing inventory and customers to getting real time update about business performance all in one place.

In a short form, Chunk is a simple book keeping solution that helps to receive payment, manage sales records, inventory, customer and get a 360 view of your business performance.

What do I need to open a chunk account?

To get you set up, visit We just need basic information about you and your business and your account is ready in less than 3 minutes.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on "Forget password". You will be asked for the email address registered to your account for a reset.

What is on the Chunk dashboard?

Chunk dashboard contains several information about your business performance and transactions. These information include inflow such as revenue, sales, credits which is displayed daily, weekly and monthly.

How to record a sale?

There is a static plus sign at the bottom of the chunk dashboard. When you click on it, a record page pops up and voila, you can input sales record on the page.

What is on the sales dashboard?

The dashboard helps you to see all the sales record for the business. You can filter the sales record by dates, items, customers.

What is on the items page?

The items page helps you with manage inventory. This page gives you in-depth insight on stock performance.

How can I add an item?

You can add items to your inventory through the items record page. When you log into the chunk app, select "Items". On the Items page, there is a purple + sign; click on it to add your items to your inventory.

Can I import my inventory to chunk?

Yes, you can import or upload your inventory to chunk. The file upload can be in excel format.

Can I edit an item?

Yes, you can edit items in your inventory.

What is on the stores page?

This page helps manage sales across multiple stores, channels as well as businesses

How many stores can I create or add?

You can create multiple stores or channels on stores page.

What is on the customers page?

This the a mini CRM page that helps you manage customers that purchase from your business. This page gives you insights about user transaction with your business.

How can I add a customer to my contact list?

You can add customers to your list through your sales record page as well as the customers page.

What is on the business report page?

The business report page gives you a 360 overall insight about your business performance.

Will I get account statements?

Yes, you receive daily summary about your business performance in your mail every day.

How can I contact customer support?

You can reach out to us via call on +2347065146514 or email on [email protected]. We are glad to hear from you.